Open your business anywhere in the world. Thanks to our solutions, no matter if you want to put your container in the middle of the old town or at the foot of a mountain in the southern Alps 😉, you can do it!

Thanks to our lightweight, mobile design, transport becomes hassle-free. Mounting holes for the HDS lifting capacity make it possible to lift the container in less than 10 minutes and prepare it for transport. Our containers are multi-seasonal (see the specification in the “technology” section)

Container structure - structural frame


As standard, a single module has the following dimensions: length 6055mm, width 2435mm, height 2850mm.

Who we are?

MOCNY is a company specializing in the production of high-quality containers for a wide range of purposes – from mobile offices and residential spaces to complete combined systems. Our constructions are exclusively a Polish product. All components used in the construction are of premium quality and have the appropriate certificates. WE DO NOT SAVE ON QUALITY! Check us out!

You are only limited by your imagination!
Any configurations within your reach

Our containers have the ability to connect them with each other in any configuration, which allows you to build infrastructure consisting of various types. They are most often used in the construction industry and not only. Unusual connections, e.g. built upwards, are becoming more and more popular


Where to start?

The starting point in the container purchase process should be defining our needs. A frequent limitation is the size of the plot on which we plan to place the container. Already at this stage, it may determine the shape of the container structure or its positioning (e.g. vertical). It is worth considering whether we need a storage room, an additional sanitary facility or a kitchenette.

what's next ...

The investor should bring the necessary utilities to the plot and prepare the foundation for the container. We always pay your attention to the ground, which in a wet area may require additional preparations or the use of at least a distance from the container. The undoubted advantage is the low cost of foundation. Due to the low weight of the containers, blocks or concrete slabs placed in the corners of the container are usually optimal.

Define your style
personalize your container

Combining quality and our experience with the latest technologies, we offer finishes in exceptional aesthetics and functionality, bringing added value for the user and the environment.

Our containers offer dozens of wall and floor designs to choose from, wide personalization options, eco-friendly solutions and the highest quality of workmanship.

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All-season containers fully sufficient that you can take anywhere in the world? Is it possible? Of course!

gastronomy in the old town

You no longer have to worry about how expensive your construction will be. We will place your new workplace wherever you want.

barber? or maybe a hairdresser?
we help build
office anywhere

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